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What Advantages Can You Get with Spy Ads?

Reveal profitable shirt campaigns run on Facebook and platforms like ViralStyle and Teespring.

Uncover unlimited, usable niche ideas that are hidden from Google and other software programs.

Find promotions and contests that have huge viral exposure and successful optins

Breakdown successful seven figure CPA campaigns and reverse engineer them for yourself

What's the Biggest Obstacle Marketers Have to Deal With?

Any experienced marketers who have achieved five, six, or even seven figure results with Facebook ads know that targeting and converting copy is very important. But in order to drive the campaign and peak interest you need both of the following: 1. A great offer that’s of interest to the target audience 2. A flourishing buyer’s market

The biggest obstacle most marketers face is coming up with a marketable idea. We don’t always know when that magic spark of creative genius is going to happen, right? But when it does, and it’s great, it can bring in endless amounts of buyers sending you money as fast as you can count it.

But waiting or trying to force a new idea can kill all the momentum you’ve built up. Putting time into discovering a new niche, or some new designs hits profitability. Hitting a sticking point for ideas not only wastes time, but it’s very frustrating for an enthusiastic entrepreneur like yourself.

So think about how your business and profitability would change if you didn’t have to wait for new ideas. Let’s assume you had the secret formula for finding those high performing, best-selling products…

That’s where Spy Ads come in…

Spy Ads is a secret software that will dramatically improve your Facebook marketing campaigns. It helps by revealing hidden niches you would not have otherwise found, and lucrative opportunities. Taking away the problems with niche research, content copy, and campaign targets by using some stealth technology unreleased to the public – until now that is.

With Spy Ads you can discover shirts cross-platform, not just on the well-known Teespring platform. It will reveal designs hidden in dark posts and not indexed by search engines.

Top Selling Designs

CPA offers are still very effective at bringing in cash on Facebook if you have a carefully crafted sales funnel. Now you can see the successful offers, and reverse engineer them to your own advantage.

CPA Offers

Improve your e-commerce business by using information pulled from large successful e-commerce sites like Amazon and CafePress.

Physical Products

Using Spy Ads you can break down successful paid funnels being run on Facebook by highly successful companies, like LeadPages.

Spy Funnels In Any Niche

Spy Ads really is the secret to accessing successful data.

Need social shares, videos, or images? Spy Ads can uncover those instantly too. It’s a fast, user-friendly app that does all the hard work for you, pulling in niche research and saving you time.

The software was developed by David Goldfinch, who has a decorated background and has worked with a number of Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. His blend of excellent design skills, dynamic thinking, were the ingredients behind this powerful software tool for marketers.

Think about all the times you saw a campaign and wished you had thought of it first. Well, with Spy Ads you will be at the forefront, giving you that all important competitive advantage. 

Time is money…

In the internet marketing line of business there are no time-outs.You need to be on the top of your game every minute of every day, all year. Heading into 2015 the paid traffic model is more competitive than ever, and now is the time to start formulating your campaigns. Don’t lose money by taking chances on campaigns you’re not sure of.

This is the opportunity most people are looking for. A way to put in less time and uncertainty, while giving yourself the best chance of success.

So you are faced with a choice…

How profitable do you want to be?

Do you desire a higher level of success, more profit, and a want for your business to grow?

The choice is this; continue doing what you’re doing, or leave the others behind and start using Spy Ads to give yourself an edge.

The good news is we’re inviting a select group of marketers to join us with the Spy Ads elite, and give them a chance to enter at the ground level.

Here's What You're Getting

Full Access to Spy Ads

You will get full access to Spy Ads for FREE. No monthly fees, no one-time payment, nothing. All the future updates are included.

A Secret Software Finds Sponsored Posts & Right Ads

We provide a secret software that finds only Facebook sponsored/dark posts and right ads from your account so you can spy your competitors easily. 

A Completed How To Use Guide!

A full guide on how to use the web-based applicatio and software will be delivered to you. We include all the available search terms that you can use so it can be easy for you to find what are you looking for.

Create your own Ads Database. You can download the software and left it run back of your pc while you are collecting any sponsored and right ads from your FB account.

You can set your interests and increase the range of the ads no matter what you want to target. You have the control to collect as many ads you like and build a unique database of facebook ads. You have the ability to segment the FB ads to News feed sponsored ads and right column ads.

The Spy Ads software can collect any ads on your account as running to your pc and at the same time you can see the ads live to your account inside the web based software. You can search by keyword and sort with more categories.

You have the control to collect as many ads you like and build a unique database of facebook ads. You have the ability to segment the FB ads to News feed sponsored ads

News Feed Sponsored Ads

You have the control to collect as many ads you like and build a unique database of facebook ads. You have the ability to segment the FB ads to right column ads.

Right Sponsored Ads

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes. Spy Ads complies with all the terms of service and regulations within Facebook. So there is no risk of your account being compromised or banned.

1. Does Spy Ads Comply with Facebook's TOS?

2. How Easy Is Spy Ads to Use, Do I Need Training?

Spy Ads could not be any easier to learn how to use, it takes just a few minutes to set up. The user-interface is intuitive and user-friendly. 

***NOTICE*** This site is in no way endorsed by, related to, or in any other way affiliated with Facebook.com. 

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Paid system that pays you while collecting ads

Go and sign up an account if you don't have one and make money..


3. How Spyads works? Is it safe?

Spyads imitate the average user usage and is acting as a human being by scrolling down, see ads and waiting while it collect every ad on your account. Spyads windows application is more than safe. It has been tested with hundred accounts and it works perfect.

Secret Software - Create your own Ads Database!

The best way spying on Facebook ads is spying by yourself. So we created a tool which you can collect big databases of Sponsored ads (Newsfeeds & right ads) based on your interests. This is an extremely unique and useful tool on the web.

The ads that you collected you can see the Facebook page that they are using exactly the ad either is a dark post or not likes, comments.. You can Sort this ads by, country, gender ad title-copy, comments, shares, likes.